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TrioCouture unleashes its Summer Collection - ready to wear

TrioCouture introduces Spring Summer collection, ready to wear and designed to give style to women who are looking to add sophistication and elegance in their wardrobe. TrioCouture adds style and bling to it, while remaining true to their modest charm.

TrioCoutureWelcomes the New Arrival Long Graceful Black Abaya Dresses

TrioCouture’s latest Long Abaya Dress collection is here. The entire collection has inner dress lining and an outer sheer layer that has added a touch of elegance to each gown. It’s just a sneak peek, the entire collection will be revealed soon.

TrioCouture Announces its Black Sequins Collection at the Bride Show 2015

The bride show 2015 just revealed the spellbinding collection of black sequins gowns and long dresses with tulle and drapes. An exclusive team of TrioCouture’s designers in Abu Dhabi has been behind these abstractand creative designs.

TrioCouture Unleashes Its Summer Collection of Sophisticated Black Abayas

The search is over;TrioCouture has announced its new collection of loose black Abayas with a touch of sequin accents and applique decoration. This compulsive collection is a perfect fit for summer. Designers have chosen fabrics like chiffon and stain for this collection.